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Our Seattle-based certified project managers provide end to end eCommerce project management from initiation to close out.

Our processes and methods are designed to be practical.  With over 40 successful technical projects & stores, we find that each project requires a unique and adaptive approach to completing your organization's goals.  We are dedicated to delivering your technology.

"Projects are more than schedule, scope and budget. Agility in delivering business value is key."

Summary of our onsite project management services

   Strategic Services - Procurement, RFPs, Vision, Charter, and Team Organization
   Planning Services - Scheduling and Rolling Wave Checklists
   Implementation Services - Deliverables & Milestone tracking, Reporting, and Triage
   Project Audit Services - Discover, Analyze, and Report


Project Strategy - leveraging known project management best practices

Strategic Services

We leverage known project techniques to kick off a project on the right foot by clearly understanding the business value.

Procurement & RFPs – We can help your organization procure the perfect solution. Hire us if you don’t have a technology product already selected and need someone to drive towards the best price product and TCO (total cost of ownership). Also we can write a request for proposal (RFP) and scope of work (SOW) for you that best fits your business needs and goals during your research or selection process.

Vision & Charter – We will get your key project stakeholders together to complete a vision statement so everyone understands the main reasons for your project. Also it’s important that before you kick off the project, we document a charter that outlines the high-level vision, budget, schedule, roles and responsibilities, and resources.

 Organizing Teams – Most organizations share resources and staff between multiple projects and job duties. We will negotiate the appropriate team resources from management around a comprehensive project plan and vision. Having a clear vision that documents the business value is a key motivational factor for staff, management, and teams.

Project Planning Services - we save you money on with our hybrid approach

Planning Services

We can save your organization time, money, and project momentum by using a hybrid project approach with the best features from agile and other methodologies

 Scheduling – Based on a clear work breakdown structure (WBS) or product backlog, we can estimate possible milestones for a project. But predicting the future is easy in theory and much more difficult in practice. Being inaccurate can waste money and momentum. We will understand the full breadth of your project early and identifying possible ways to introduce agile practices that can save a lot of pain later. We recommend prototyping and gathering feedback early using well-defined “timeboxes”. Why wait until user acceptance testing (UAT)? Successful projects iterate, adapt, and deliver workable solutions early.

 Rolling Wave Checklists – A rolling wave checklist is a 2 to 4 week forward plan of individual actions. Why is this important? Teams have a difficult time planning their projects based on Gantt charts or MS Project schedules. They need to know what needs to be done, who is responsible  and the details of the action. Having a simple checklist can improve a team’s performance.

Project implementation services - Delivering your goals on time and budget

Implementation Services

Based on good planning and executive approval, we provide onsite project implementation services by tracking deliverables, prioritizing issues, and reporting status.

 Deliverables & Milestone tracking – We can provide easy to read deliverable timelines and milestones using any in-house project management system.

 Reporting and Status Meetings – We always send project status reports to key stakeholders. Also we are expert meeting facilitators.   No need to worry, we do whatever is takes to communicate across the organization.

 Triage - Triage is the process when a team prioritizes project issues based on business input and feedback. We provide an easy and practical triage process that quickly assess the issue and then prioritizes based on severity and impact to the business.

Project Audits - We help you avoid the pitfalls

Project Audit Services

We can help you avoid future project risks and pitfalls by auditing your project and providing key feedback to your organization.

Discover, Analyze & Report - According to CIO magazine, over 38% of IT projects dramatically failed or were cancelled. Projects fail because of many reasons. We have found that it’s normally due to not meeting your customer’s expectations. We can improve your odds by avoiding these pitfalls. We help our clients identify and audit why a certain project might not meet expectations and how to navigate these possible risks. Bring us aboard to discover key project insights and to map a strategy for greater project success now.

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