Our project management mission and values

We deliver technology projects using adaptive & flexible project management tools with a global mindset

With over 40+ completed projects, our Seattle-based consulting company has been focused on technology for the last 15 years. Every company and project is different and requires many tools and methodologies to be leveraged. Our goal is to consistently deliver the highest value to our diverse clients by being practical & adaptive.

"We seek to listen and understand, not to be all things to all clients.  But we are laser focused on excellent project delivery."

Our Mission > Driving the New Standard in Project Management Services

We seek to help education our clients and become a world leading project management consulting firm for distributed teams and onsite projects.  We do this by consistently delivering the highest value to our diverse clients by being flexible and practical in our agile and traditional Project Management methodologies.


Our Values > Principles, Trust, Performing, Commitment



Our loyalty towards our client's success is critical to the achievement of our vision.  Our search for excellence is completely dependent upon an ethical and transparent approach. So personal honesty is consequently critical to everything our mutual success. We don't negotiate our ethics, because doing this would be to compromise our client's goals.




For our project experts, having a lasting and trusted relationship means creating long term client success with common goals, focus on great communication between teams, empathy towards teams and project challenges, and realistic expectations.  Our client engagements are due to recommendations from our past clients and referrals. We deliver our project management services using the best professional and dependable people with great project and business expertise, understanding and empathy.



Hard Work

We know that for our organizations, in the end, it’s all about the project results, so we have very high expectations for our project management services and production. We always seek to discover, communicate and quantify these expectations.  We have accountability to provide the right team and project dynamic so that our project managers are successful delivering our client's goals and expectations. We do what ever it takes. We also know that working hard is critical to everyone's success.



Stay in Touch

Our project managers are committed to building impressive expertise, relationships and knowledge within the technology industry. This reliable understanding of our client's market increases speed of the project delivery. As experienced project management experts, we know who to talk to by quickly leveraging our personal and professional associations and relationships. We take pride in developing long term relationships with our clients and extended network by staying in touch and being involved within the project management industry.

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