Got a Project with Remote teams? We Deliver.

For remote projects, teams & vendors, communication is the most important factor to project success.

Let our Certified Project Managers take care of your teams.  With over 40 projects and counting, we are subject matter experts in facilitating communication and coordinating your distributed teams.  We are dedicated to delivering project with quality.

"Due to today's connected world, we must deliver global projects with more communication, not less."

How we provide excellent service to our global customers

   15+ years of experience on projects, PMP & CSM certified
   Utilize the best in collaboration tools & techniques
   Extraordinarily rapid response to communications
   Understand cultural differences and how to empower teams


We provide certified project management consultants for remote projects

Certified & Experienced

15+ years of experience on technology projects with external teams.

 Experienced – Being successful in managing remote teams is based on being able to develop relationships and a collaborative team environment. We empower people by creating a safe environment and community within a project framework. Based on our experience, the most successful teams work together to solve problems. This is built into our agile project philosophy.

 Certifications - We leverage the best practices in project management, but are not married to one methodology, be it agile or traditional. Every project presents it’s own unique challenges based on our clients needs and goals.

For remote projects, we offer Microsoft solutions

Collaboration Tools

We leverage the power of the cloud to bring teams and vendors together under a common project goal.

We offer fully functioning project portals using Microsoft Sharepoint, Lync communications, and MS Project so teams can collaborate, share, and keep track of their actions.

Remote Project tools - Sharepoint one

Microsoft Sharepoint Online – Sharepoint project portals are a great online tool for sharing documents, coordinating teams, and communicating dashboards so everyone understand what’s happening on a project. We manage the portal to drive the project into completion with full visibility.

Remote Project tools - Microsoft Lync

Microsoft Lync Communications – Lync provides a unified communication tool between teams including instant messenger, video conferencing and conferencing services. This works great for quick communications.

Remote Project tools - Microsoft Project Online

Microsoft Project Online – MS Project allow our Project Managers to develop a schedule and plan team resources. This is provides full visibility for everyone one the project.

Remote Project - rapid communication for remote teams and vendors

Guaranteed Rapid Communication

The key to remote project team success is phenomenal communications and instant response time.

The one unique quality about our Project Managers is our extremely responsive communications to our teams and executives. We value reducing communication bottlenecks and increased speed as a key success factor on global projects.

 Guaranteed SLA - We guaranteed our response time with a Service Level Agreement.

 Cloud Powered - With the cloud, communications between teams has never been easier. There are no operating system limitations so communication is quick and efficient.

We provide project managers with a global mindset

Anthropologist Mindset

We have a passion for understanding multicultural teams and perspectives

One of the unique qualities of our Project Managers is the combination of exceptional success managing global teams and a passion for cultural perspectives. Some of our Project Managers actually studied anthropology in school.  We require our staff to have international experience and prefer Project Managers that enjoy travel.

Principles - On diverse project teams, everyone brings their own perspectives, experiences, and values, including our own Project Managers. This creates a better more effective team in the long run.

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